frequently asked questions

how are the designs on your shirts printed?

it depends on the style of shirt! for classic style t-shirts and all hoodies, it's an ink-printed iron on which is heat-clinged to the fabric — think of a 90s style graphic tee. for regular and ringer style t-shirts, as well as sweatshirts, it's screenprinted directly onto the shirt. classic and regular are the same price deliberately, so you can choose whichever style you're most comfortable with!

if you have concerns about allergens to the ink or materials used in my shirts and hoodies, please feel free to email me at and i'll get back to you as soon as i can with the full details!

why don't you ship to my country?

this is something i'm currently working to rectify but is unfortunately not under my control, for the most part. my shops are run mostly through print-on-demand services and, as a result, all of the shipping and handling is out of my hands. this means that certain countries are unavailable, as my manufacturer either doesn't or is unable to ship to these countries. i apologize for the inconvenience of this — it bothers me as much as it bothers you.

if you live in a country that i don't ship to, i appreciate your support nonetheless. thank you <3

where can i find [design]?

the products on the front page of my shop tab are just some of my most popular or my favorite designs! to see my full catalog of shirts, stickers and prints, you can click or tap on the navigation links above those listings! they all open in a different tab, so you can easily navigate back to the other sections.

[anything to do with shipping issues or delays]

unfortunately, all of my shipping and handling at the moment is done through my print-on-demand providers; this means you'll have to email them directly with any shipping related concerns. if for whatever reason they don't respond in a timely fashion, please email me using the email listed below, and i'll get in contact with them directly for you!

if you have a question that wasn't listed here, please send me it at, and i'll try and answer you as quickly as i can!